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Smart Water Meter System


Changde Water Meter's eWisdom Smart Water Cloud Platform is a complete integrated management platform for water business, including business billing system, intelligent meter reading system, Registration and installation system, leakage monitoring assistant decision system, production scheduling system, SCADA system, GIS. Geographic management system, GPS inspection system, customer service system.



1. Adopt SOA technology architecture, seamlessly connect each subsystem, and have good business agility;

2. Process-oriented business processing mode, easy to use ;

3. Using cloud computing, big data, and Internet of Things technologies to provide various auxiliary decision-making functions such as leakage monitoring and scientific water dispatching management, and provide strong technical support for improving water management level;

4. Can access a variety of instruments from multiple manufacturers, good compatibility;

5. Support cash, Alipay, WeChat and other payment methods, water users to pay conveniently.